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MN Hwy 53 Billboard Advertising

Red Sunset Land Development is happy to offer US 53 roadside advertising to local businesses as well as corporate accounts. We believe our location allows businesses to target daily traffic as our local population travels to Cook for medical and dental services, shopping, employment and school events. In addition our location introduces your business to the thousands of daily travelers on US 53 making their way north or south to or from Voyageur National Park, Orr, International Falls or all of Northwest Ontario. It’s a well known fact these travelers are actively seeking destination for their present and future vacations. Some of the other benefits of our location are below. Please contact us via phone or e-mail at to secure an available board for your business.

Location North of Cook, MN
  • North Advertising on US 53 North of Cook, MN
  • 3450 daily average travelers
  • Centrally located between city of Cook and Northwoods K-12 school
  • 24/7 Illuminated and Daytime 12’X24’ Billboards
  • Best value on US 53 Corridor
  • $1500 per year for 12’X24’ day time board
  • $2500 per year for 12’X24’ 24/7 lighted sign

South Edge of Cook, MN

  • North and Southbound advertising as travelers approach And depart Cook
  • 3750 vechiles daily average
  • First displays as customers approach Cook and depart
  • Premium location captures all travelers as they flow into CR24 to Lake Vermilion
  • 24/7 illuminated signs 300 square feet of display space
  • Best value on US 53 Corridor
  • $2500 per year southbound display
  • $3500 per year northbound display

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